Friday, December 12, 2008

More of Other People's Art

I haven't shown many of my own paintings lately because of the writing, which is taking up all of my time. By late January, the novel will be ready, and I can start painting again. I acknowledge that the so-called creative side of the brain is responsible for both, but there are obviously various compartments within that and the painting daemon has no inclination to emerge from there for the time being.

However, with all the wonderful artists out there, I must admit that I'm having much more fun showing you their work. After all, anyone can pop into Etsy (see the link) and check out my paintings, but I doubt many of you will have found some of the talented people I've been presenting here. It's my taste in art, not necessarily yours, of course, but I figured that if you were following me and my rather offbeat creations, you would enjoy what I like, as well.

Today I am showing you CATS! I love cats. You know I have two, who rule my days. Well, this clever artist in Italy, listed as Roby's Italian Art, seems to love them, too. They're not all that she paints - I have added her Etsy link in Great Sites to Visit - but I find her cats absolutely charming. The images below range from a tiny 2 inches square, to somewhat larger, and one of them is a rock painting. They all have an almost three-dimensional quality, as if each kitty is coming out of the picture. Enjoy these lovely folk art pieces, and don't forget to check out the rest of her listings. After all, we all deserve some real Italian art in our lives.

I showed you some Gwen Meyerson paintings the other day. Well, she was listing at eBay then, and now she's at Etsy. I am so pleased she's joined such friendly people, and she'll feel the encouragement there. You don't get that at eBay. Just one of hers below, just to remind you.

Jeeves and Baby are sitting ever so patiently in the doorway, waiting for dinner. They seem to have accepted that I spend most of my day (and often my evenings) in here.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Love the little cat paintings!

  2. Aren't they the sweetest things?

    Caroline, it's so nice that you're following me. I intend to feature you next week. I spent a good hour browsing your sites this morning. Great work!