Thursday, January 1, 2009

Takashi Matsuo - and Happy New Year!

I hope all of you behaved in a proper and dignified manner last night, or - for those of you in the Asia-Pacific Rim - the night before last, and - knowing you lot - it was probably less than proper. I did it soberly, of course, because I was still WRITING! For a rather disrespectful comment I found on starting anew in 2009, check out my other blog.

And so we begin our New Year.

Takashi Matsuo is a young artist from Japan. I discovered him following me (can you believe it?) at Brushpace. His work is so dramatic, so alive, I thought it was only fitting to put it here today, to wake you all up, to bring you joyfully into 2009. His kind of energy is revitalizing, with its blasts of color, its wild brushstrokes. I think I know him, even as we have never met. This man is full of youthful exubrance and boundless optimism. So, having said just a few understated things about him, here are a handful of his pictures. I only wish they had downloaded in a larger size. Some of his art is huge!

I've added his link at Brushspace in Great Sites To Visit, but the following is a link to his Gallery, as well, because there are so many more paintings there to enjoy (and which you could have linked to from Brushspace, but I wanted to make it easy for you this morning). The gallery is:

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