Monday, February 23, 2009

Toni Grote at Etsy

Toni Grote is a clever artist at Etsy who has a wonderful approach to the presentation of her art. The paintings shown here are done on tin ceiling tiles, then custom framed. There is a classical quality about the result. I can see some of these paintings in some Venetian house, or gracing the walls of an English manor. Yet they are folksey, too, and we're not overwhelmed by the images.

I'm surprised I hadn't tripped over Toni before this, but that's the way it goes when you're researching. She's been around for many years, but today was the first time I saw her work. The color palette is amazing, and she seems to incorporate every conceivable mood into her images. EVERY taste in land or seascape is represented here.

Toni doesn't only work on tin, and you'll need to go to her Toni Grote at Etsy site to see the full range. She is truly collectable.

I am a sky nut - you know that - when it comes to painting. Toni seems to have so many skies tucked up her sleeve, and no two are the same. We won't even discuss that color palette again, but Toni makes some unique choices. I am totally impressed with her.

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