Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Suzy Taylor of Vegaslammy at Etsy

If Suzy Taylor drew her pictures with fine pens and Indian ink, or used black acrylic paints and the finest brushes to produce her work, I would be very impressed. There is such a wealth of detail and accuracy in her artwork, and they are remarkable pieces, each one unique and original. When I tell you that this work is produced from cutting paper and applying it to a mounting board, I think you'll be astounded. How does she do this? How can her hand be so steady? How long do these take to do? How many have to be scrapped because of a slip of her knife?

Here is her own description of the process:
My folk art-inspired papercuttings are entirely handcut (no diecuts or lasercuts!) by me from a single piece of paper. They are mounted on Canson, bright white, acid free base board (0.6mm thickness) with archival permanence.

Suzy is a newbie at Etsy, where her work caught my eye because it is so like those wonderful Medieval woodcuts used in early printing - not so much William Blake, who concentrated more on the human form, but something like this one of Early London -

William Caxton introduced the printing press in 1476. This woodcut is of London, from Caxton's Chronicles of England, and printed in 1497 by Caxton's successor.
© Museum of London

Suzy produces all kinds of art, and this one is just her current passion. Check her out at Vegaslammy at Etsy. Oh, darn, now I have to buy one! (I am not an artaholic... I am not an artaholic...)
Oh, this a postscript. EtsyVeg featured an interview with me today. I am very excited about this. Take a look at it here.

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