Friday, July 10, 2009

Vusova's Fairy Tale Watercolors at Etsy

Victoria Usova is a fantastic watercolor artist at Etsy, producing fairy tale scenes, magical settings and creatures, in the most beautiful and delicate colors. With so much available at her store, I had a difficult time deciding what to feature here today. Go ahead and 'Ooh...' and 'Aah...' over these little gems - I certainly did.

Victoria is now a New Yorker, but much-travelled, and I believe that's reflected in her work - a sort of other-worldliness that comes from having seen many different landscapes. Oh, and my favorite creatures here? The Sheep!

I'm so proud to have these lovely paintings here today. In a very introspective mood of late (blame it on my soon-to-be-over novel-in-progress), I was quite restored by these lovely pictures this morning. Thank you for sharing your beautiful imagination, Victoria. I think everyone will agree these are a perfect choice for Whimsy Friday.

This girl is prolific, and you'll find something for everyone at her store -
Vusova at Etsy. Grab an original now before this artist becomes really famous.

Have a fantastical and dreamy weekend!

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