Friday, December 11, 2009

The First Gran Sculpture

Gran Takes BoBo for a Walk

Gran Celebrates
the Full Moon

Gran's Napping Again

I'm the featured artist today. After kicking the idea around for a while, I finally did a sculpture of Gran, the character I've painted so many times. Now three-dimensional (and what dimensions!), she is just 6.5 inch (16 cm) high. She was sculpted from polymer clay over an armature of aluminum and wire, finished with acrylic paints and then sealed.

She isn't beautiful, never was, going by my paintings of her, but she is real looking, I think.

She is looking a bit rough around the edges these days. Her first painting was done some years ago, and time is creeping up on her, although she does try. I think a few varicose veins, some more wrinkles, and a thickening body, are only to be expected, but she does have a really good lap for sitting on, like all good Grans should.

I'll make some more of these, get my sculpting hand back in shape - I haven't sculpted in years. Who knows? - Perhaps, if Gran ever looks ready for prime time, I'll offer her for sale at Etsy. What do you think? Would someone want her gracing their desk?

I enjoyed making her very much. Perhaps you'll say if you enjoyed seeing her.

Terrible weather here, although it's sunny today, but that doesn't clear the footpaths of ice and halt the winds. I have to shop tomorrow, as the cat food is getting low. I could go without, but not my babies. So tomorrow I will bundle myself up and make that small trek to the supermarket. It's a ten minute walk, nothing really, but when you take each step prepared for ice, you use far more muscles, and it's amazingly tiring.

I'm informed that a lot of you guys south of the Canadian border are naive about Toronto (and Canada, in general), and are probably wondering why I don't use a dog sled... Well - how can I put this? Do they have dog sleds in Chicago? Or Boston? We're on much the same latitude, and we also get very hot in the summer.

I chose to live in Canada. No one made me. Sometimes at this time of year I wonder where my head was - it must have been frazzled by the Australian heat. And, of course, there's always the spring to look forward to, even if it's not even winter here yet.

Have a good one, and stay warm.


  1. Fran,
    Love the sculpture! It must be so fun to continue your paintings into a more dimensional form. Great work. (I think you should offer them on Etsy as well!)
    Although I'm sure your conditions are much worse, I am not used to this COLD yet. You won't find me outside without layers upon layers shivering between house and car.
    Best to you over the Holiday and into the New Year!

  2. Josh! How lovely to hear from you. And thanks for the Gran encouragement. She is now on Etsy, as an experiment.

    Stay inside, if you can.

  3. I love her too! She is WONDERFUL, Fran...Yes, for sure-do more sculpture...I can see all your paintings of her coming to life this way!! Yippee!

  4. Fran, Gran is wonderful! And she's built just like me! Glad you had fun doing her.... there's just something about that clay ...isn't there? Keep it up!

  5. Well, everyone, Gran's on Etsy and another on eBay, so we'll see if you were right in your praise. Thanks for the thumbs up.

    Oh, and Kandy, like me, stay happy with ALL your curves. Good laps for sitting on...