Saturday, April 14, 2012

Letitia and Harriet - New Faux Colonial Portrait

Here's another little salute to Colonial Times. It's all I want to paint right now. I'm really enjoying adding extra texture to my canvas, using a broodingly-dark background - simulating (I hope) a well-aged picture that someone might have found in Grandpa's old trunk out in the barn.

If I were the kind of artist who concentrated on one kind of art, or even one subject, I'd go crazy. I need the variety, otherwise I wouldn't paint at all, which wouldn't be such a bad thing, because I should spend more time on the novel-in-progress.  But you'll note I have reduced my painting output. As the weather cools here, I'm in literary mode again. Writing during the day, and reading snuggled up in bed at night. (Kate Atkinson is truly amazing...)

So I'd like to introduce Misses Letitia and Harriet, at a small soiree -- Letitia's first, probably.

Harriet, the older sister, is meant to be the chaperone, otherwise Papa wouldn't permit Lettie to attend, but Harriet is proving to be rather popular herself, so who's chaperoning whom?

Letitia and Harriet
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
9.5 x 13 inches

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