Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Free Folk Painting Today! "On Borrowed Time"

I haven't painted anything new for some months. Some of you will know that's because I'm currently back in writing mode, trying to find an agent for my first book, and working on my second. No doubt the painting bug will re-emerge, but not for a while, I think.

However, I'm tired of so many of my paintings cluttering up the place. My storage space is limited, and I keep tripping over boxes of unsold pieces. In this economy, it's particularly difficult for artists to sell - they almost need to offer their work at the cost of a print, not of an original. Rather than sell my pictures at rock bottom prices at the various sites I use, or have a stall at the upcoming local spring fair (I really dislike standing behind a stall...), I've come up with something that pleases me.

Over the coming weeks, starting today, I'm giving away one of my paintings to the first person to comment and ASK for it. It sounds strange, but I can't think of anything nicer than to know that my little pictures are in the hands of folks who've been following this blog.

Here is today's freebee, entitled "On Borrowed Time." It's small at 6 inches by 6, painted in acrylic on a little stretched canvas, signed front and back, and the image wraps around the sides, so no frame is needed. There's a fair amount of texture in the cream and strawberries. This painting made me very, very hungry when I first did it.

I'll pay for the postage today. It's my little gift to you for being such a nice blogger taking advantage of this offer the first time. Who knows, perhaps you'll enjoy my work so much you'll be eager to snap one up when I DO start painting again.

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  1. Did I win the painting or did that go to somebody with an unpublished comment? Email me at electra.rich at gmail if I won! I couldn't post from the BlackBerry so I waited until I got to the workforce center; I can call this legitimate job networking because your information on the writing site is helping me. I took the elance "fiction writing" test and only got 90- despite my college education. The University didn't teach crap about the business aspects of writing. Much of the elance test focuses on those things. Anyway, I hope I won the painting! It looks yummy.