Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Latest Paintings. Mostly a Little Funky-Looking.

I've finished another five paintings since last week. Two of them were almost done anyway, but needed tweaking and varnishing. You have to acknowledge I have rather weird taste in subject matter. From city life to beach reveries, from sketchy, folky people to pretty, more realistic city girls, from Great-grandma's kitchen, to cappuccinos al fresco. And I've done another of my Gran,  but haven't quite finished her yet. Is the world really ready for yet another Gran?



"Sunday Morning"


"Private Pool"

Guess I'll keep these coming, as long as my canvas supply holds out. I have no idea what else I'll do, but it's just like writing. It always comes out of the blue, and is usually a delightful surprise.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My New Artwork - It's Been Three Years!

Three years since I last painted, and it took almost three months of fussing around to finally produce something. I've now finished five pictures, with another in progress. The subject matter is varied because I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to paint, and I had so many favorites from the past that I wanted to play with again. Two are now listed on eBay Australia, and I'll put just a couple up each week to see what the reaction is.

This first one is based on my little girl character, Becky, who has now grown up, but still loves the sea:

"Dawn Watch"

(Above is a painting of the young Becky.)

The second is another folk-style quilt sale painting. You know I enjoy doing these, even if they are very fussy to work on.

"Country Quilt Sale"

Of course, no work on the new novel. I'd love to say I can manage both, but the painting urge is quite different from the need to pour out words on a page. 

Hope you enjoy these. It's certainly been refreshing for me, not being hunched over the laptop all the time. (Although setting up the eBay page, using an EBSQ template, took me hours. I'd quite forgotten how to do it.)

See you soon. Comments, please,  if you have time.