Friday, October 30, 2009

The Charming Country Folk Art of Claynfaye at Etsy

If you're not yet in the right mood for the season, take a look at these images from the clever hand of Claynfaye at Etsy. Faye involves herself with much more than conventional painting, but I like my choices today because they simply cry out "Fall!" don't they? There are no witches or hobgoblins, no pumpkins in sight, yet I feel the crispness of the air - not too cold, but just right, and I can smell cinnamon and apples, and pastry fresh from the oven. There's apple cider spicily mulling on the stove, cats curled up in front of the fire, and dogs on the chairs.  All this just from looking at these paintings.

I imagine the artist living in a saltbox house similar to the ones she paints, way out in the country, with lots of craft collectibles around, gingham fabrics, pine cones in a bowl. Of course, she could live in a loft in Uptown Manhattan, but the magic would be the same, wouldn't it? Ah, Americana, I love you.

Get into the spirit of this autumnal season and check out Claynfaye at Etsy for more of Faye's wonderful pictures. My mood is lifted just by having this talented artist here today.

Have a spooky and rewarding Halloween! (But stay warm and safe.)

Be extra wary of witches in tandem...double trouble.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Impressionist American West Landscapes from FoustArt at Etsy

As a change from my more whimsical images of recent weeks, I'm presenting a young artist from Missouri, who produces sweeping impressionist vistas of the American West. Foust is also a photographer of some merit, but it's his colorful paintings I'm featuring today.

Dramatic, passionate, confident, colorful, or wonderfully serene, these paintings lend themselves to countless descriptive tags. I think we'll be hearing a lot more from Foust. See his other paintings and his photography at FoustArt at Etsy.

Have a lovely weekend. The blaze of fall color is at its most vivid here, although the wind has been busy blowing a lot of the leaves away. Halloween weather, isn't it? Next week, guys...

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Magical Myxie Sculptures of Caralyn Edwards at Mystic Reflections at Etsy

I featured the weird and wonderful sculpted Myxie creatures by youthful talent, Caralyn Edwards of Mystic Reflections at Etsy, back in June. Caralyn never stops creating, it seems, with many more at her site, and these are just a few of her latest.

The thing that I find so captivating about these little figures is the illusion that they are alive. You almost hear them breathing their little breaths, sighing little sighs, and giggling a lot. Of course, if you asked Caralyn, she'd probably smile mysteriously and look at you blankly. "What illusion?" she might ask.

Go check out these fantastical creatures at Mystic Reflections at Etsy.

Have a wonderful weekend and be careful where you tread - there could be Myxies about... It's that kind of season.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Donna Lacey Derstine - Americana Fine Artist

I don't know how I came across Donna Lacey Derstine's lovely paintings - probably delivered to me via Google. However they arrived, I'm proud to show them here.

If I could wave a magic wand, this is how I would paint. As it is, I can't, and must simply sit and gaze in awe at her evocative images. There aren't many artists producing this kind of work, particularly the Colonial-themed folk art, although her impressionist landscapes are equally delightful. She will be passionately collected, mark my words.

You can see a huge display of her work at Donna Lacey Derstine. Isn't this kind of art perfect for the season? Thank you, Donna.

Have a wonderful fall weekend, everyone. If you're up my way, stay warm.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Roz's Whimsical Fine Art - Drunken Cows at Etsy

Roz is a fine artist with a whimsical view. She paints everything - kids, landscapes, fish, cows, cowboys, roosters, and on and on. I imagine her getting up each morning daydreaming about the subject of the day. How does she decide? I've featured just one here, since my picture loss fiasco, but there are dozens of others to be seen at both her Etsy store and her blog.

Check Roz out - grab a coffee and prepare to spend a bit of time looking - at Drunken Cows at Etsy . Congratulations, Roz. You deserve your success!

Have a lovely fall weekend. I don't mind the rain and chilly winds up here. It's perfect weather for beginning both hybernation and the hockey season. Go Leafs!