Saturday, February 8, 2014

Catch-Up - Recent Paintings

I've been so involved in publishing a couple of my novels, that I've shamefully neglected my art blog.

I apologize. I am still around, but a little obsessed with the writing part of my life. But I have found time for the occasional painting, especially when it's a custom order. Never turn those down.

To catch up, here are some recent paintings -- not all of them, because some were similar images -- commissions -- but the first two are new antique store paintings for sale, because I enjoy painting them so much.

If you click on each image, it will enlarge the picture.

Until next time. No orders at present, and deep into yet another book publishing project, so I'm not sure when the next painting will be.

I do appreciate your support. You hang in there with me, regardless of my absence from time to time.

My thanks to all of you.