Friday, January 29, 2010

Walking Quail at Etsy - Fairy Tale Art

I'm feeling a bit skittish today. I'm preparing for a big move, away from country isolation and the sweet sound of late-night Canadian trains, to warmer climes, where my cats can chase lizards. And so these paintings of artist, Walking Quail at Etsy (don't you just love it?), aka Terry Blair, are suitably light, frivolous, and essentially child-like. She'd be a perfect children's book illustrator. You know I have a weakness for this kind of work.

Because the state where she lives has a different kind of light, the colors in Terry's paintings are different, too. My own work from Australia was equally different from the ones I did here in Ontario. It's the position of that old sun.

I like all of these, but that goat would look particularly fine in a posh frame over the fireplace, if you have one, and especially if you're a Capricorn.  Interesting use of color and impressionist strokes here, cheekily punctuated by those tiny daisies. 

Check out more of Terry's work at Walking Quail's Trail at Etsy.  I have no other gossip about the artist, other than she loves animals and fairies. Well, as if we needed telling. Anyone can see that.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Selene's Painting a Day at Etsy - Dreamlike, beautiful images.

Selene is a magical and romantic painter who is accomplished in both oils and acrylics. With such variety in her work, it must be a constant novelty for her when she reaches for a fresh canvas. What will emerge today?  From dramatic mystical scenes, to fairy-like creatures, she captures the imagination, and has me thinking gentle, other-world thoughts as I study them. Dream a while with Selene, with these beautiful images.

You must read her profile at Selene's Daily Paint studio at Etsy. She'll lift you up and leave you smiling. Here's another painter who can write! She's probably musical, too...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Alan Moore Folk Art at Etsy

Well, here we are again, at the start of a brand New Year and Decade. Time to dust off earlier resolves and approach everything we do with enthusiastic optimism.

Alan Moore is an optimist. I know this just by looking at his art. Bright, joyfully colored, his paintings on recycled materials are cheerful and innocent. Who else would think of multi-hued alligators as subject matter?

Alan makes these comments at his shop:
"99% of what I create on is from recycled and salvaged stuff. Reused salvaged fence art from my older collections. I didn't sell the some of my fence art pieces so I chopped them up and reused them. Original art on sheet metal from the ole farm on Serenity Lane. I finish all my art with a fairly shiny coat of polycrylic stuff so it’s brighter-also for protection and durability.

Call it earth friendly if you want. Some of the paint I use is recycled too. I sign all the work on the back because I think names on the front of art are sometimes obnoxious. I choose to let my art tell who created it, not my signature. Also my handwriting is horrible."

Take a look at Alan Moore's shop at Etsy. Read his profile and his descriptions of the images.  He sounds like a thoughtful and interesting guy.

Oh, and Alan - have a happy birthday on Sunday! My timing with this feature was excellent, I think.

Happy, happy New Year, everyone! Don't make too many demands on yourself. Take it easy. Slip into this new decade with realistic goals, and just chip away at them, like a sculptor at a new block of stone that hides wonder within. Who knows what might emerge?