Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cat-alogue of Cats with Attitude at Etsy - Watercolor Illustrations by Maria van Bruggen

Maria van Bruggen probably thinks her shop title at Etsy is quaint, but I think the name is positively generic. ALL cats have attitude. My cats have been so very uppermost in my life this past few weeks, what with me planning our trip, the vet checkups, surprise dentistry (for Jeeves and Baby, not me), etc., that I simply assume all cats are basically demanding, quirky, and in your face, just like hers.

Maria's watercolor illustrations are certainly perfect representations of how my cats have been lately (I won't go into what they've been up to), with those huge eyes and "what, me?" faces. Because I've been somewhat stressed (if you've seen my writing blog), I tend to stare vacantly at times, and one or the other of them will peer at me, head on one side, as if asking where I am, and will I please get back immediately as it's supper time.

So thanks for your crazy cats, Maria. With my own wild couple of weeks with mine, I was beginning to think I was the crazy one.

See the rest of Maria's original art, prints, and other collectables at Cat-alogue of Cats with Attitude at Etsy. You must read the little blurbs for each.  I particularly like the one for "Zen".

This artist is climbing the popularity ladder fast, so make your move if you want to own an affordable original of hers.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Fine Art of Janice Trane Jones at Etsy

If you love the confidence of fine art, you'll love Janice Trane Jones's offerings. Every subject - you name it - is covered. Her flowers are so welcome at this tentative, almost-spring season, but her still-lifes, her rural idylls, her figures - even slumbering kittens - are all equally captivating.

There are many, many paintings at Janice Trane Jones at Etsy, from watercolors to oils. Spend some time there. It promises to be a slow, lazy and warm weekend. Raspberries and wine, anyone?