Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Pretty Boy" Colonial Rooster Portrait - First Painting in Eight Months!

So I goof off for over eight months, pretending to work on this novel I am publishing. The book is long finished, so it's the print formatting that takes up my time. I wondered if I would ever feel like painting again, and certainly the tubes of paint are looking a bit dessicated. Out of the blue, I had this urgent need to paint a rooster.

What on earth is that about?

Anyway, here he is, as he presented himself to me. It's a biggish canvas at 16 inches by 20. I usually work on something a bit smaller but he wanted it that way. Arrogance.

He's a handsome fellow. I think he would look lovely in a rustic kitchen. (Unfortunately, I have the other kind - the kind most people seem to want, but which I find clinical.)

So I guess I'm back painting. We'll have to wait and see.