Thursday, September 3, 2015

Keeping Art in the Family - The Work of Kim Caldwell

My daughter has always been creative. She loves improving things, fixing things, changing things, decorating things - trash-to-treasure stuff, and we share that same excitement every time we find some new piece at a yard sale or the thrift shop. Both our homes reflect our eclectic collections with a citified vibe which is just a touch Bohemian, but with a splash of Country for good measure. Nothing Spartan about our homes. Come in, put your feet up, let the kids run around.

But whether my daughter's interests are from nurture --I've involved myself in almost every kind of art form throughout my life, from music, to interior design, to sculpture, painting, and fiction writing, which she grew up with -- or from nature, I guess we'll never know. Perhaps she's simply inherited the same crazy genes that I did. (How frustrating not to know who else in our history had the same wild ride through life.)

And now she's painting, something she'd never tried before.

Today I present these with great pride. I've never been an abstractist, much as I admire so much of it , but the spontaneity of this art form seems to be so natural to her. These are very large canvases. If you are going to make a bold, modern statement, make it big!

Until next time, take care.