Sunday, January 27, 2013

More Than a Little Craziness in Most Artists

Most artists are a bit strange. I mean, why are we compelled to create when there is just a slim chance of selling our work, and almost no chance of being paid for the hours we spend on each project? This applies to painting, and to writing...and acting, dancing, singing, stand-up, and all the other wonderful things that the creative world offers.

So this week's production is definitely a bit odd. Gran rushed into my head for a few days, and then I needed my favorite view of the sea. When Gran comes a-calling, you know I'm in the nuts zone.

Hope you like them.

"Shabby Shutters III"
Acrylic on 10 x 8 Stretched Canvas

(Yes, it's the third one I've done of this approximate image. I just love shutters.)

"Gran's Dude Ranch"
Acrylic on 10 x 8 Flat Panel

"Gran on a Wire"
Acrylic on 8 x 10 Flat Panel

"Gran and the Van"
Acrylic on 10 x 8 Stretched Canvas

As my beloved Seal once sang, "And we're never gonna' survive...unless...we get a little Crazy
Open the  link. It says it all.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Valentine's Day Offering - Urban Folk Art

I finished "Courtyard Cafe" last night.

Looking at my work, you might conclude I'm a romantic. I don't think of myself this way; I'm pragmatic and analytical about love. Yet these images still come to me.

I guess there's just no hiding the inner self when you paint...

Acrylic on 10 x 8 Stretched Canvas (unframed)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Painting during a heat wave. Water, water, everywhere...

"Nearly Home"
Acrylic on 8 x 10 Stretched Canvas

Here are my latest offerings. As usual, subject matter is all over the place, although I did feel the need to include water in four of them. I wonder why? Maybe because of a couple of days when it was over 46 Celsius here in Sydney? (115 Fahrenheit!)

Let me know what you think.

"Beach Picnic"
Acrylic on 8 x 10 Stretched Canvas

"Sydney Harbour Sunset"
Acrylic on 10 x 8 Stretched Box Canvas
"Let It Rain"
Acrylic on 8 x 10 Stretched Canvas

"Old Red Boat II"
Acrylic on 10 x 8 Stretched Canvas

 Just finishing a courtyard cafe scene. That means the weather is just right again.