Sunday, May 5, 2013

To All My Lovely Artists - I'm sorry.

For some strange reason, probably because I was messing about with Google+, I lost ALL the images from ALL of my blogs posted since 2008. This is a very serious thing. An art blog without art is no blog at all.

I am painstakingly rescuing each image, but so far only got to the end of 2012. Prior to that, the site was more or less dedicated to other artists, because I was deeply involved in my writing. And those are the guys whose work is now missing from my posts.

Bear with me folks. The links to the artists still work, but the images will be slow to return. I can only manage a few a day. And I'm not getting any painting done.

Along with Hotmail going to Outlook, and Google adding that scary plus sign, I've had my hands full for a while, trying to recover or understand things.

Perhaps you know what I'm talking about. I hardly do.