Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Art - My Take On Equiano - Colonial-style Portrait

This is my latest Colonial portrait. Change of  pace for me because I've based it loosely on a real man - Equiano, who was enslaved as a child in Virginia (or was it South Carolina? - some dispute over that) in the 18th Century.  He went on to travel the world with a later master,  educated himself, finally purchased his own freedom, and took up residence in England, where he became a member of the abolitionist movement. He made his fortune by writing his autobiography, which had considerable influence on public thinking in 1789 England, and remains for sale today.

I've seen only two pictures of Equiano and they don't appear to be of the same man, but this is how I imagine him. Artistic licence. He would have been a magnetic and imposing figure, I'm sure. Certainly he would have turned heads when he delivered his anti-slavery petition at the British Parliament.

"Gentleman of the World - Equiano"
12 x 18

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Toronto Maple Leafs Vs Montreal Canadiens

I know it's an odd title for an art blog, but I just watched a great hockey game.  (I am a dedicated Leafs supporter.) It reminded me of three paintings I did as an homage to these two teams a couple of years back. Those paintings were sold, but prints are available. Click on the titles for more information.

but Malcolm suppressed his joy.
regretting his decision to attend an away-game alone.

and having some difficulty adjusting.

to discover that Brother Domenic, a sturdy fellow,
was from Montreal

Okay, so this is blatant self-promotion, but if I don't do it, who will? And I so love my Leafs...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

More of my Work - a little bit of Americana...or is it Australiana?

I'm on something of a roll. I decided to paint something a little different. Although I've done Colonial pictures before, these are my first in many years, and I thoroughly enjoyed doing them. The fashions were such fun researching!

And, just as I was getting a little frustrated (what else is new?), I sold my "Private Pool" painting, which delights me. When I finished it, I considered keeping it for myself, but I have a number of pictures I've never offered for sale and it's just silly to keep adding to the collection. I will never have enough wall space for all of them, let alone other artists' work that I've collected over the years. So she's sold. Perhaps I'll do a similar one some time.

Anyway, here are my Colonial pictures. I love the woman, but men back then tended to have rather foppish (old, old word, but fitting) hair-dos. It was the era of the male peacock. How times change.

I think I'll do a couple more of these. Stay close by.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

More Personal Offerings

Here are two more of my paintings. Nothing has sold on eBay, which is a pity. It's either because the pictures are complete rubbish or because of the economic climate. This is how I feel about my novels too. It's a sad indictment on my claim to creative confidence when I think this way. But the truth is, all of  us who produce art - in whatever form - require positive feedback, preferably in the form of sales.

"Window Seat"

"Gran in New Orleans"

I don't need to sell, but I need the love. Sally Field would understand this.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Latest Painting - A Little Naive Australiana

Had a problem finding the right light to photograph this one. So many different greens, and not one of them emerald! I've added enlargements so you can see the detail.

I have always loved this kind of folk art. There are one or two famous artists out there that make me drool with their detail. Alas, my work is not as refined, but the essence of a simpler time comes through, I think.

"Village Life"

And guess what took the longest time to paint? Those darned chooks! (Forget the ducks. From here they could be geese.) Those chickens were a challenge. And no, they weren't just a blob of white paint, and a touch of orange for the beaks. I really thought it out as I applied the paint in the direction of the feathers. Not that you'll believe me. Only I know how long they took.
See you soon.  I'm on a roll now.