Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kyata of Caterpillar at Etsy

Kyata of Caterpillar at Etsy really likes pigs. The following are an unusual assortment, from towel holders to canvas totes. I fancy pigs, too, (but never to eat, vegetarian that I am) so these please me. Along with the whimsical work, she also produces serious impressionist paintings which are worthy of the best galleries. Poor Kyata must be like me, always torn between the fun stuff and the serious. You'll find Kyata at Caterpillar at Etsy.

Benedetta generously awarded me The Uber Amazing Blog Award which is a blog award given to sites that:
Inspire you, make you smile and laugh, give amazing information, are a great read, have a wonderful design, or any other reasons that make them super.

The rules of this award are: * Put the logo on your blog or post. * Nominate at least 5 blogs (can be more) that for you are Uber Amazing! * Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog. * Share the love and link to this post and to the person you received your award from.

I pass along this award to these five Uber Amazing Bloggers:

Kate at The Holdfast Seeker
Kit Courtney Writes
Karen Fields
Gumball Grenade at Fables and Foxes
Bella Rustica

It should go without saying that we are busy people, and also that some blogs look better clean and uncluttered, so it's understandable if you prefer not to accept the award, and not pass it on. We all understand. But be aware that you are appreciated.

Thank you for thinking of me, Benedetta.

Have a great, lazy weekend.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lady Bug Circus at Etsy, and Me

Lady Bug Circus is a neat place to visit. This innovative artist uses recyled tin, soda cans, anything she can get her hands on, and cuts out images, then collages them to plywood to make unique pictures. The one below of the stressed bears is just one example. The dark blurb at her store about these teddies is worth the read, but not for the gentle-hearted, and definitely not for very little kids.

The delightful birdies here, flying around your living room eventually, it's hoped, are equally fun. They are not toys! We must always emphasize this when describing decorative art. I find them charming, and I'm sure my cats would agree too.

These are yet more examples of artwork that you're unlikely to find anywhere else. One of a kind has never been truer. Go check out her other creations at Lady Bug Circus at Etsy.

I sold one of my paintings last week. This is such a novelty for me - things have been very slow - that I thought I'd announce it. One of my lovely customers from a couple of years back chased me down through Google (I'm no longer selling on eBay, which is where we originally had dealings) and pounced on me out of the blue. She wanted to order a couple of custom pieces, which I can't handle until the fall and she's happy with that, but then she dug around and found my work on Etsy, and - voila! - she bought Spring Fair.

To replace the fair painting at Etsy, I've now listed "Stay Very, Very Still", which I'd offered some time back, but felt it should be unveiled again. And it doesn't hurt to remind you that I do still offer my paintings there for sale. Sometimes I almost forget that myself.

Last, I found this really funny video at another blog yesterday, and have shamelessly 'borrowed' it to get you in the mood for the weekend. Do, do, open the link and enjoy Evian Babies.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Vusova's Fairy Tale Watercolors at Etsy

Victoria Usova is a fantastic watercolor artist at Etsy, producing fairy tale scenes, magical settings and creatures, in the most beautiful and delicate colors. With so much available at her store, I had a difficult time deciding what to feature here today. Go ahead and 'Ooh...' and 'Aah...' over these little gems - I certainly did.

Victoria is now a New Yorker, but much-travelled, and I believe that's reflected in her work - a sort of other-worldliness that comes from having seen many different landscapes. Oh, and my favorite creatures here? The Sheep!

I'm so proud to have these lovely paintings here today. In a very introspective mood of late (blame it on my soon-to-be-over novel-in-progress), I was quite restored by these lovely pictures this morning. Thank you for sharing your beautiful imagination, Victoria. I think everyone will agree these are a perfect choice for Whimsy Friday.

This girl is prolific, and you'll find something for everyone at her store -
Vusova at Etsy. Grab an original now before this artist becomes really famous.

Have a fantastical and dreamy weekend!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Rene's Clay Things at Etsy - humorous ceramic sculptures

Rene's Clay Things at Etsy are more than worthy of Whimsy Friday. These little nonsenses will make you smile. I guess Rene smiles a lot, especially while she's sculpting them. This artist has worked in all media, but 'loves the mud', as she puts it, creating these delightful, colorful ceramics. And, yes, Dorothy, she's from Kansas.

Go to Rene's Clay Things at Etsy for more of her work. (But fancy calling this's playtime every day for this clever artist, surely.)

Have a great July 4th holiday!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kirby at Etsy - Vintage-Look Art

I've painted figures similar to these at times, enjoying the dramatic jolt of color on the plain backgrounds. The artist, Kirby, is also a costume designer, and her skill is evident here. These are detailed and finely-painted little statements about another age, of more innocent times, and Kirby manages to convince us they might have been painted in that earlier era. At the same time, they are contemporary in their simplicity and would look equally good in both a modern or classical interior.

Check out Kirby at Etsy for other original paintings and an array of prints. Kirby also operates a vintage clothing site, and you'll find a link to it there.

Oh, and Happy Canada Day! Eh?