Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Newest Paintings and Why I will Never Be Rich

I've been busy painting and, finally, selling on a regular basis. Of course, I price my pictures "competitively", as they say - another term for saying I do it mostly for love. A lot of people aren't even able to do that. Doing what you love is meant to be priceless, yes? And I would do it (almost) for nothing anyway, but I can still dream. And so I begin a new painting, believing this is the one that will prove I'm worth just a little bit more.

Below are some of my favorites done over the last few weeks. Funny how the ones I love the most turn out to be the hardest to sell. I paint for myself (as I write my fiction for myself) and what makes me smile or giggle I assume will do the same for others. Not so. But when someone does get me, it fills me with satisfaction.

The Captain's Family

Love Adrift

Window Seat II

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Le Bistro d'Art

Pretty Filly

I also sold a couple of paintings finished ages ago. This was a delightful surprise because the buyer found me by surfing online. I love that kind of sale.

I apologize for waiting so long to blog, but I really have been busy.

Hope you all had a delightful New Year. By now it's all a distant memory. Back to work.