Friday, February 27, 2009

John and Robbyn Runyon of Frivolous Tendencies at Etsy

I am so delighted to feature these wonderful artists here today. This is the work of John and Robbyn Runyon of Frivolous Tendencies at Etsy. These fantastic wall sculptures are made from vintage metals salvaged from old barns, museums, mining claims, etc. over the past 12 years. Each piece is hand cut, hand filed, and hand painted with outdoor metal paint. All pieces are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. I'm showing rather a lot here, because these sculptors are prolific, and I just couldn't decide what to use. Sizes vary, up to around 29 x 12 inches, but check each piece. For more of their huge array of figures, cat, cows, gardens - you name it - check them out at Frivolous Tendencies.

When art is this alive, this vibrant, you can feel the music, can't you? It made me wonder what kind of music they listen to while they're working. Perhaps they'll comment on that. Whatever it is, I need some! John and Robbyn have an amazing future. I'll be keeping an eye on them.

Have a wonderful, if slightly damp here, weekend!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fran Caldwell at Etsy

It's time for a bit of Gran today. I haven't featured my work for a long time, other than the Picture Trail Thingey at the top that no one looks at - it's just a logo to you now, isn't it?.

These are some of my Grans from way back, some sold, some for sale. I've put in the captions, because that's part of Gran's silly charm.

Oh, Gran, What Will Dad Say?

Gran Thought They'd Said TASTING the Wine.

Gran's Lost Her Tour Group Again. (Hope she realizes before Vespers)...

Gran Thought She Was Joining the Seniors' Biking Club...

Gran Feels the Heat of the Tango with Maurice

Gran Does the Bridge Climb

Gran Finishes the Bridge Climb

Gran Likes a Bit of Snorkelling

Gran Walks BoBo

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Karen Fields at Etsy

Karen Fields produces lovely works of art in vibrant colors that will revive the most jaded winter spirit. Spring is only a month away, and I thought these paintings could prepare us, throw open the window, figuratively speaking. If you're like me, you are desperate to go for a warm, scent-filled walk, to see what flowers are popping out. Not long now, okay?

Karen also enjoys painting lush abstracts with lots of texture, so I've included a couple today, although it's the floral and landscape paintings that I'm drawn to at this time of the year. The Paris picture is not for sale, but I'm sure Karen will happily talk to you about a commission. Paris in the Spring, oh my!

In the meantime, check out Karen Fields Gallery at Etsy. My visit there made me feel so much brighter.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Custard Cream at Etsy, The Art of Rebecca Dennison

The name 'Custard Cream' intrigued me before I saw the art, because this is a cream-filled biscuit (cookie) found in Britain and Australia. I don't know where else they're produced, but I don't think we have them in North America. Is that a reason to feature Rebecca Dennison? Of course not, but look at the art, her delicious use of purples, pinks and blues... That's the reason.

Rebeccca is in Hull, England, and is a bird lover. We get a lot of cats at this blog, but few birds (although Joan Crow's come to mind). Rebecca's modern take on these bird images is refreshing, colorful and highly decorative, with lots of texture. Her style is quite retro, I think, reminiscent of graphic design of the 60s. To Rebecca, it's probably vintage classic; to me, darn it, it was a phase of my life - I had dresses in colorways like this!

To find out more about Rebecca, who happily takes custom orders, and to see more of her vibrant work, go to Custard Cream at Etsy. Rebecca just opened her store on Friday, so this is my welcome to her.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Toni Grote at Etsy

Toni Grote is a clever artist at Etsy who has a wonderful approach to the presentation of her art. The paintings shown here are done on tin ceiling tiles, then custom framed. There is a classical quality about the result. I can see some of these paintings in some Venetian house, or gracing the walls of an English manor. Yet they are folksey, too, and we're not overwhelmed by the images.

I'm surprised I hadn't tripped over Toni before this, but that's the way it goes when you're researching. She's been around for many years, but today was the first time I saw her work. The color palette is amazing, and she seems to incorporate every conceivable mood into her images. EVERY taste in land or seascape is represented here.

Toni doesn't only work on tin, and you'll need to go to her Toni Grote at Etsy site to see the full range. She is truly collectable.

I am a sky nut - you know that - when it comes to painting. Toni seems to have so many skies tucked up her sleeve, and no two are the same. We won't even discuss that color palette again, but Toni makes some unique choices. I am totally impressed with her.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cara Bevan and Cats in Art

Cara Bevan is a fine artist featuring her work at Brushspace, where I am also a member. Friday is meant to be Whimsy Day, and I couldn't think of sweeter whimsy than showing some lovely animals. This isn't folk art, guys, nor is it painting-a-day work - you can see how long these must have taken. Cara is a highly-talented painter, absolutely dedicated to faithfully reproducing images of animals, and she seems to particularly like painting cats.

Of course, I had to slip in this raccoon because, along with meercats, they are my favorite wild creature.

Oh, well (you say), she's been studying for years and years to achieve this kind of excellence. Guess what? Cara is just twenty and IS TOTALLY SELF-TAUGHT! This is nothing short of astounding. Go back and look at her paintings again. I just can't believe it. Cara grew up with a close involvement with all kinds of animals, through her parents' refuge work. She hopes to continue in their footsteps, funding her own causes. Her art should do a lot for her dream.

For even more of her animal work, not only cats, see her wonderful blog here. She loves commission work, so don't be shy about contacting her.

You can see more of Cara at Brushspace.

Self-taught? Oh, my!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Barbara Shores at Village Folk Art at Etsy

Barbara Shores is an accredited decorative artist who also sells at Etsy, along with several other sites. She produces Americana folk art at its finest. This is my favorite subject, because we are losing it, in its original form, every year that passes. This is the way we painted generations ago. We need to keep it alive, and Barbara is doing just that.

Her store sells both originals and prints, so there will be something for everyone there. I haven't investigated her other sites, but she has a nice blog you might want to check out here to find those other links.

Poor Barbara is recovering from some major surgery. This doesn't seem to have dampened her enthusiasm for her artwork. I know you'll echo my best wishes to her in getting back to her old self, and into that bubble bath she misses so much!

You can find Barbara's evocative work at Village Folk Art at Etsy.