Thursday, December 25, 2014

Year End 2014 and a Salute to Some Favorite Artists

It's been six months since I last posted. I've painted nothing in that time - my mind has been focused on the next novel I'm publishing in 2015. But that doesn't mean I haven't been following art. The wealth of talent on Etsy, just one venue, is staggering.

So to close out the year, I'm featuring my favorite artists for the past twelve months. They are available for sale, of course, either originals or in print versions. I hope you enjoy them. (Click on the titles to link to each piece at Etsy)

Queen Anne's Lace - 14 x 11 Matted Print - of original painting by Scott Harding of female figure walking through landscape of flowers

Natalie - 11 x 14 Matted Print - of original painting by Scott Harding of girl in black outfit lying on grey divan, contemplating

Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess- Lesson One:  Be Kind To The Wildlife And They May Return The Favour One Day. Art Print
Mademoiselle Mink Breakfasts In Bed.  Art Print

Floral Bluff - Archival Print

by Michelle Morin
Original acrylic figure painting Washington Square Park NY people 6x8
by Susan Sumner
(Sorry, guys, I bought this one...)

Ladies Night Out Original oil painting 11x14

by Susan Sumner

Fashionably Wrapped Up

by Anne Meyers, KindredAnnes

Watercolour Milky Way Landscape Art Print Giclee Painting Reproduction
by Angie Vandenbogaard

Original Monoprint Acrylic Painting No. III Whimsical Wall Art

by Angie Vandenbogaard

apartment for rent

by Wade Lincoln

the waverly diner

by Wade Lincoln

toward tomorrow

by Wade Lincoln

Snowy Lunch Break

by Mike Jones

Osco Drug Store, Window Reflections

"Osco Drug Store"
by Mike Jones

textile art, felt picture, original landscape art, 20 x 16

Textile Art
by Sue Forey

hare and moon picture, fiber art, wet felted art, 9 x 12 inches

"Hare and Moon" 
Fiber Art by Sue Forey

Landscape Folk Art Cat Square road old store red wagon dog boy man 1930s

"Cat Square Road"
by Arie Reinhardt Taylor

Amish country horse and buggy windmill farm house clothes line Folk Art Print by Arie Reinhardt Taylor

"Amish Country"
by Arie Reinhardt Taylor

Original  Art Painting inspired by the Caribbean Fine French Acrylic 24" x 24" Canvas

"Seahorse and Ladies..."
by Judy Porter

Original One Of a Kind Fine French Acrylic Folk Art Painting Fantasy Whimsy Nautical

"Nautical Fantasy Lady..."
by Judy Porter

Day At The Dog Park- primitive folk art print from original painting

"Day at the Dog Park"
by Erin Wagner

Oaks Park: Primitive Folk Art Print From Original Painting

"Oaks Park"
by Erin Wagner

"Peg Mermaid"
by Juliette at Darling Romeo

mermaid bbw art print Nancy mermaid giclee print on watercolor paper

"Nancy Mermaid"
by Juliette at Darling Romeo

Frog art print-  The Good Life- Giclee print on watercolor paper.

"The Good Life"
by Juliette at Darling Romeo

I thought Juliette's froggie here makes a nice statement to end the year. 

Happy New Year, everyone. I'll try to post more often in 2015!