Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Linda Monfort at Etsy - Modern Abstract Expressionism

Dramatic and vibrant, these modern expressionist paintings by Linda Monfort really wake you up. She is a bold, confident artist, using color adventurously and spontaneously. They are very large paintings, mostly over 24 x 24 inches, and you can well imagine what a statement they'd make on your wall. In fact, minimalism in your decor is probably the best backdrop for Linda's work. I have always longed for this sort of freedom with paint. She seems to shout out her enthusiasm with each brush stroke.

Linda has many, many examples of her work at Linda Monfort at Etsy. With this kind of energy, I wondered if she was a coffee drinker. Something's certainly working for her.

Speaking of coffee, is no one going to claim the strawberry gateau picture I've offered as a freebee? What's wrong with you all? I mean, if I can't give them away, what's that telling me? You can email me in my Profile link, if you like.

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