Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lynn and John, Wonderful Store at Etsy

The husband and wife team, Lynn and John, live on an island in Lake Ontario, not too far from me here in Brighton. They are both hugely creative (writer John is also offering his fiction at a linked Etsy site) and have an amazing array of goods available at their Wonderful Store at Etsy, but it's Lynn's artwork that I'm featuring today. Lynn works in both pastels, and watercolors, and her land and lake studies around Lake Ontario are moving in their realism. It's refreshing for me to find an artist who so lovingly produces images of the area where I live - unending sky country.

There are many, many items available at Wonderful Store, apart from Lynn's paintings - everything from vintage collectibles to Lynn's hand-made accessories and clothing. It's certainly too much for me to describe here. This couple is worth reading about, so take the time to look at their profile. I'm honored to show Lynn's work today.

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