Friday, April 24, 2009

Mary's Granddaughter at Etsy - Embroidered Wall Art

Mary's Granddaughter at Etsy is an artist who loves to embroider. All of these sweet wall hangings (and the old-fashioned doll) are drawn and painted on simple cotton fabric, then painstakingly embroidered. One of the nice things about this kind of work is that it's so tactile, and much more than a simple image. I did a lot of this myself some years ago, and they take such a long time to produce. In fact, after I'd completed a particularly complicated piece, I decided to go back to painting, so I truly admire this artist's patience and dedication to the craft.

Go to Mary's Granddaughter at Etsy to see more of her work. Stitchery crafts are becoming rarer these days, especially in the world of art. Let this clever artist know that you appreciate her.

Have a lovely weekend.

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