Friday, April 17, 2009

FunArt4U at EBay - Crazy, Colorful Outsider Art

Sandi from Funart4u  is perfect for Whimsy Friday. This artist is quite, quite nuts, and I absolutely love it. These images are all 9 by 12 inches, watercolor and ink on paper, and they blew my socks off this morning when I found them. Where does this artist get this kind of in-your-face energy? I liken these pictures to my own "Shoe Sale", which I so enjoyed doing, but took a lot of time, because of the detail. Sandi's work is the same, painstakingly drawn and hued. They would be dynamite in modern frames, and would tell the world you get her kind of humor. Yet these paintings are affordable. She'll even decorate the envelope if you want to send one as a gift.

Go check Sandi out at Funart4u at Ebay. As an aside, this gal has nine kids. What can I say? She says she painted to keep sane. I understand that, Sandi. Um, did it work?

With Sandi's lovely salute to Friday, go have a wonderful, sunny and joyful weekend.

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