Monday, April 27, 2009

Shellie Mitchell Art at Etsy

Shellie Mitchell is an Etsy artist with a totally new take on folk art. It's this kind of innovation that calls to me as I research, and I swoop in, caught up by the vibrant colors, and the movement and exuberance in each piece.

Shellie's process is just a little different. She cuts out wonderful pieces of fabric (art forms in themselves) and adheres them to wood panels, embellishing them with acrylics, gel pens, oil pencils - whatever she thinks necessary at the time. Each piece is then given several coats of sealant. The resulting art is truly delightful.

The images below are originals, but Shellie produces high-quality prints as well, so that these are affordable for everyone.

Check out Shellie's Etsy store, and be very impressed. How clever is she? Thank you, Shellie. You certainly livened up my morning.


hoganfe said...

Love Shellie's work - so unique and she is so talented!

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shellieartist said...

Fran thanks again for the are too kind! (and Mary thank you for the sweet comment!)

Fran said...

It's an absolute treat to have you here.