Friday, September 25, 2009

Amin Saffar - progressive metal guitarist, and Debra, from Monnie Bean Folk Art

I've never featured a musician before. No doubt the following will come as somewhat of a surprise, but I found young rock guitarist, Amin Saffar, at, which is a new art site.

If you're always looking for yet another online venue for your art, INCLUDING music, film and fashion, register with them. It's free, very polished, and full of talent. Art is art, whatever the form, and I'm proud to find Amin so early in his career.

Amin loves 'progressive metal' according to his bio, but this particular track, 'Glasgow Kiss', has a distinctly jazz feel to me, and I love the 'bagpipe' riffs at the end. I've certainly never been a metal fan, but I guess you can always open your mind to new things. Amin is hot, and his bassist (his brother, Armin - yep, almost the same name) and drummer are no slouches either.

Check this new group out at Amin Saffar at PutItOn. Leave comments on his page. He'd love that. Let your hair down. It's Friday.

My Etsy artist today is Debra from Monnie Bean Folk Art who produces these amazing folk pieces. Think early primitive - the sort of art that's usually only seen in museums - when you check out Debra's work. She's clever, hugely imaginative, and has retained the outlook of a child, which brings freshness and humor to everything she makes. Along with her art work, she has a very funny way with words, which you'll see in her descriptions. You'll find paintings at her site, but I especially love her funky dolls.

Oh, I so like having this kind of art on my blog.

Well, it's fall again. Another week or so and we'll be tightly closing those windows at night, pulling out the heavy-duty comforters. With the first sniff of chill in the air, something strange happened to me this week. I suddenly have this huge urge to knit a sweater. I haven't knitted in years, although I'm very good at it, but that craft was swamped by a need to crochet for a couple of years, and then I went back to my painting. Knitting just fell by the wayside. Now, out of the blue, I'm actively looking for just the right yarn and pattern. I know exactly what I want. I'm itching to start. I'll keep you posted. It's another form of art, isn't it? I might even show it here as a work-in-progress...

Have a good one. Dry out Georgia.


  1. Yay! I'm so excited for my bloggy friend, Debra! This is great artwork and she is a wonderful friend.

    I wanted to mention in a ever so loving way that in the paragraph that you were talking about Debra you switched over and said 'Brenda'.

    Have a great day!


  2. Thanks for that, Nicole. We goof sometimes, but Debra is going to remain a favorite with me, even if I do call her Brenda. And THAT'S now fixed...

  3. Hi Fran, Debra suggested I look at your blog. I am the proud new
    owner' of Edna.. although she cannot ever be truly 'owned', as she is very independent of mind. As am I!
    Ilene in Baltimore.

  4. Lucky you having Edna in your life! But Debra is making more sassy gals. Can't wait...Nice to see your here, Ilene

  5. Hi again, forgot to say (blush) your work is lovely! Whimsical, adorable, pure pleasure. Ilene in Baltimore