Friday, October 16, 2009

The Magical Myxie Sculptures of Caralyn Edwards at Mystic Reflections at Etsy

I featured the weird and wonderful sculpted Myxie creatures by youthful talent, Caralyn Edwards of Mystic Reflections at Etsy, back in June. Caralyn never stops creating, it seems, with many more at her site, and these are just a few of her latest.

The thing that I find so captivating about these little figures is the illusion that they are alive. You almost hear them breathing their little breaths, sighing little sighs, and giggling a lot. Of course, if you asked Caralyn, she'd probably smile mysteriously and look at you blankly. "What illusion?" she might ask.

Go check out these fantastical creatures at Mystic Reflections at Etsy.

Have a wonderful weekend and be careful where you tread - there could be Myxies about... It's that kind of season.

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