Friday, October 2, 2009

Roz's Whimsical Fine Art - Drunken Cows at Etsy

Roz is a fine artist with a whimsical view. She paints everything - kids, landscapes, fish, cows, cowboys, roosters, and on and on. I imagine her getting up each morning daydreaming about the subject of the day. How does she decide? I've featured just one here, since my picture loss fiasco, but there are dozens of others to be seen at both her Etsy store and her blog.

Check Roz out - grab a coffee and prepare to spend a bit of time looking - at Drunken Cows at Etsy . Congratulations, Roz. You deserve your success!

Have a lovely fall weekend. I don't mind the rain and chilly winds up here. It's perfect weather for beginning both hybernation and the hockey season. Go Leafs!

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  1. Thank you! How wonderful to read this! And I love your blog!