Friday, November 20, 2009

The Delicate and Tranquil Art of Linda Schierkolk at Etsy

There is a calm sweetness about Linda Schierkolk's lovely paintings. Whether it's an image of flowers, a dog, a child, or a coffee pot, it's calming, and totally refreshing. She's a confident painter, of course, with great control of her medium, be it acrylics or oils, but the key here is her sense of tranquility.

You'll find many more of Linda's wonderful paintings at Canvas Reflections at Etsy. I find these pictures warmed me this morning as I looked at them, especially the little girls. I could almost feel the sun on my bare arms and smell the flowers.

Please check out SarahBeth's blog again. She's had some success with her Art Sales for Willow campaign, but she's not there yet, around $400 short. She has less than a month to pull this veterinary expense together to save her dear cat-baby. I know you'll want to help.

Have a good weekend.

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