Friday, November 27, 2009

Garage Sale Queen's Wonderful Mosaics and Clay Sculptures at Etsy

I've found another crazy lady artist - hugely talented, of course - but kookie all the same. Kandy Jones of Garage Sale Queen at Etsy is a sculptor and mosaic artist, producing everything from serious mosaic pieces using recycled ceramics, glass, beads, and bits, to clay wall art dolls celebrating menopausal women! You gotta love a gal who thinks up stuff like this. These are wonderful conversation pieces and I had such a hard time deciding which ones to feature today.

Good Queen Glinda in her senior years. Note the martini glass... Don't you just love her?

She'll take custom orders for these dolls, too, so consider which friend would be blown away by one.

The amount of time spent producing these works of art must be huge - every little bead goes here, and every little jewel goes there, and on and on, so, besides being very clever, I imagine this artist is also a patient and peaceful girl. Thank you for these, Kandy, you whimsical lady.

Go look at the other great things on offer at Garage Sale Queen and don't forget to read her profile. She's funny. I'm waiting for her first book.

Have a good weekend. After yesterday, most of you probably deserve a rest.

Late, but wonderful news: SarahBeth has received enough financial help to get that treatment for Willow Fern. Perfect Thanksgiving message to receive.


  1. Fran, Thanks a ton for featuring my work. I'm new to Etsy and this means so much to me. It's always great to know someone is seeing your stuff. Now I'm gonna go back and view the other artists you have featured. Again (and again) THANK YOU!!!! Your new BFF, Kandy (the Garage Sale Queen)

  2. Well, it's an honor to have you here. I so identified....