Friday, December 18, 2009

Gourds R Us at Etsy - Hilarious Critters

This crafty artist uses gourds and clay, painted and stained, to come up with some really original critters. Although I've seen painted images on gourds, I didn't know much about the gourd as an art material used with clay, so I'm thankful that Gourds R Us has conquered the technique to show us. Aren't these just the funniest-looking images you've seen in a while? The artist must be very entertaining, personally, to come up with the expressions. I'd be giggling the whole time I was working. If you can call it work. More like playtime, I think.

Check out Gourds R Us at Etsy to see more.

Have a good weekend, art lovers. I was going to suggest that you don't let Copenhagen get you down too much, but perhaps you should. I guess it's up to us now.


  1. Thanks for sharing my etsy site! I love making these critters! Hugs from snowy Michigan!

  2. I just love seeing there silly faces here. They're all so huggable! Thank YOU, debbie.

  3. They are very cute!!!I'm going to check out her shop. Thanks Fran!