Friday, January 1, 2010

Alan Moore Folk Art at Etsy

Well, here we are again, at the start of a brand New Year and Decade. Time to dust off earlier resolves and approach everything we do with enthusiastic optimism.

Alan Moore is an optimist. I know this just by looking at his art. Bright, joyfully colored, his paintings on recycled materials are cheerful and innocent. Who else would think of multi-hued alligators as subject matter?

Alan makes these comments at his shop:
"99% of what I create on is from recycled and salvaged stuff. Reused salvaged fence art from my older collections. I didn't sell the some of my fence art pieces so I chopped them up and reused them. Original art on sheet metal from the ole farm on Serenity Lane. I finish all my art with a fairly shiny coat of polycrylic stuff so it’s brighter-also for protection and durability.

Call it earth friendly if you want. Some of the paint I use is recycled too. I sign all the work on the back because I think names on the front of art are sometimes obnoxious. I choose to let my art tell who created it, not my signature. Also my handwriting is horrible."

Take a look at Alan Moore's shop at Etsy. Read his profile and his descriptions of the images.  He sounds like a thoughtful and interesting guy.

Oh, and Alan - have a happy birthday on Sunday! My timing with this feature was excellent, I think.

Happy, happy New Year, everyone! Don't make too many demands on yourself. Take it easy. Slip into this new decade with realistic goals, and just chip away at them, like a sculptor at a new block of stone that hides wonder within. Who knows what might emerge?

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