Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Art - My Take On Equiano - Colonial-style Portrait

This is my latest Colonial portrait. Change of  pace for me because I've based it loosely on a real man - Equiano, who was enslaved as a child in Virginia (or was it South Carolina? - some dispute over that) in the 18th Century.  He went on to travel the world with a later master,  educated himself, finally purchased his own freedom, and took up residence in England, where he became a member of the abolitionist movement. He made his fortune by writing his autobiography, which had considerable influence on public thinking in 1789 England, and remains for sale today.

I've seen only two pictures of Equiano and they don't appear to be of the same man, but this is how I imagine him. Artistic licence. He would have been a magnetic and imposing figure, I'm sure. Certainly he would have turned heads when he delivered his anti-slavery petition at the British Parliament.

"Gentleman of the World - Equiano"
12 x 18

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  1. Stopping by to say hi! Great job on your painting too :D