Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The wonderful, wacky world of Ken Oberholtzer at Coastwalker Folk Art

Today I'd like you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the stunning primitive paintings of Ken Oberholtzer, a folk artist in purist terms who lives in Maine. His work is deceptive: first you notice his brilliant abstract backgrounds, then you see the crazy animals, the birds and fish, the bold flowers, and the humor. His use of color is a delight. For those of you (really?) who try to link your artwork to your interior design colors, you can't go wrong -- he uses every color in the spectrum, throws it onto his wood panels without reserve, impulsively, hugely confident in the stunning result.

If you're an abstract art lover, you'll want one (or two, or three...) of these. If you've always loved Folk, he's a master. You get 'em both with his work.. Of course, I had to get the painting below. This is literally the motto of my life (you know how much travelling I do).  I just can't accept it...

This last one has been sold, but I think it's my favorite.  If he ever does another one similar to this, it will be mine. Did I mention I bought a few of his already? So much for being a struggling artist myself...

I suspect that Ken paints every day. I'll wager that he's a funny, unpretentious, but philosophical kind of guy, but he probably doesn't need to hear that. I've probably embarrassed him with all this high-falutin' talk.

Go look at his Coastwalker eBay shop. You'll be well rewarded.

If you're outside North America, you'll have to throw yourself on his kind nature to have one mailed internationally. But he's such a nice guy, I don't think that will be a problem.

Until next time...


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  2. Thank you so much, Deirdra. It's always refreshing to get a new fan.