Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Country Antique Store" - Latest Original Primitive Figurative Folk Art Painting

I had so much fun painting this. I love antiques, have far too many pieces, small and large,  to make my regular overseas travels practical (I take everything with me, each trip) but can't help myself.

The prospect of discovering a little country shop full of history and atmosphere is almost mouth-watering. When we spot one, my pulses quicken as we park the car, even faster as we reach the door. I know I'm doomed as soon as I cross the threshold. At least one more thing to add to my chattels... But what a way to go.

So this painting is my idea of the delights of the antique hunt. It's better than the garden center in spring (by a tad), better than a quilters' sale, a used book store, or discovering a courtyard cafe that few know about.

I just wish I was a better photographer. I rarely get all my pictures unfuzzed. Out of four or five shots, only one or two will be truly crisp. On my original, that little sign in front of the dog is totally readable! At least buyers aren't disappointed when they receive my work. It seems they look so much better in the flesh, so to speak. Any tips?

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