Thursday, February 28, 2013

"The Neighbourhood" Primitive Urban Folk Art

While I'm in busy little people mode, following my antique store painting last week, I've produced another one. This is really familiar territory for me. Toronto (and most cities) have  little enclaves like this one, and I was comfortable walking around at all hours, and I didn't have to don proper clothes or fuss with my hair before I stepped out.

I used to live in a neighborhood just like this. It was just one corner, but it had everything you could want, all within a few steps of home. It’s much quieter where I am now. I miss that old hustle and bustle. Guess I could always go to the local mall, but it isn’t the same…

Don't forget to support local art, wherever you find it. And never be afraid to buy something you love. If the artist is unknown, all the better. You could be the first on the bandwagon. Art shouldn't intimidate, or make you feel you don't know enough about technique or style. It should jump out at you the moment you see it - grab your attention. That way you know it will always give you pleasure, right there on your own wall. And you'll never regret that cash outlay as the years pass. (I spent my electricity bill money on a lovely landscape once. I don't have any memory of finding the cash to pay the bill, but I managed to keep the lights on. And I still have the wonderful painting.)

See you next time.

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