Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Still Painting. When Will I Return to My Writing?

These are the paintings I've completed through June. I'm not prolific, but when I start, I can't stop. The varying subjects are an indication of where my thought processes are these days...unpredictable and inexplicable, but always spontaneous. I think Pinterest has a lot to do with it...

Click on the images to enlarge them.

"The Village House"
16 x 20

"Star Bright"
15 x 11

16 x 20
(My first abstract ever. Will do more.)

15 x 11

17 x 14

I've started a small oil painting. This is the first time in decades that I've messed with oils, and, believe me, I do get into a mess with oils. But I'm persevering. I admire the apparent freedom most oil artists seem to have, and would love to experience that. The image I've produced at present looks as controlled and contained as anything I do in acrylic...more so, in fact, because I'm trying so hard not to get messy! I guess my other complaint is that I have no patience with waiting for paint to dry, and I will not use turpentine to speed the process. Of course, I'll blog the result when and if I ever get the thing finished - and dried.
Until next time.

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