Friday, November 14, 2008

Back on track..

Hillary as Secretary of State? Just heard the whisper on CNN. I so wanted her to get this, but there was nary a word until now. And Madeleine Albright must get something - it would be sad to let her talents go unutilized.

This week was crazy. I did some painting, but not as much as I should have done. Started a little picture Virginia or Bust - depicts Gran leaving Montana for Virginia with her 2 Shelties riding on her rolling suitcase. Lots of nice mountains to paint, and Gran in a cowgirl outfit. Fun.

But I kept messing around with the layout of this blog page. I so admire all those terribly swish pages out there, but figure they must be designers to do such an amazing job. But I am definitely leaving mine alone for a while. Will finish the Gran picture (I'll show you tomorrow) and then continue with the bigger one I'm doing - set in Montrose, California, which is a very pretty town. Perhaps put the next stage of that up, just for your interest.

Again,I just want to say what a wonderful bunch of people sell at Etsy. I am blown away by their generosity, patience, and sense of fun. We all need to sell, need to worry about our own sales, yet they take serious time to help one another. If only the business community as a whole - and the non-business community - would be as kind.

Jeeves and Baby, my cats, have been looking a bit sourly at me this week. I've been so busy and spent little time with them. It's not as if I play with them all day long, or that they're usually on my lap. It seems they just like to have me sit with them, without working. Shared sitting time. I remember that feeling when my kids were still living at home. Understand perfectly.

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