Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Customer!

It is so nice to hear that your painting has been received with joy. A slight alteration to my Montrose Girl's scooter - she did appear to be landing from somewhere - and all is well. This is the final picture.

I've been doing a little art restoration work lately, and I do enjoy it. It's an odd experience, tapping into another artist's style, and doing the best you can to emulate it. It's very rewarding to take a damaged, usually old, painting, and bring it back to its former glory. I do clean a little, if necessary, but not to the point of renewal, because that would negate its history. I probably wouldn't want to do this sort of thing all the time, but it's a charming occasional detour from my own images.

In wandering through my old artwork, I came across one that was so popular, Private Cellar, that I had two further commissions for it, customized a bit. They are not identical, of course, just variations on the theme.

Esther McIsaac does lovely artwork (her link is under Great Sites To Visit) and I have included "Tying Up Her Hair" as a delicious treat for you. Also below is my latest art "purchase" from her, although I have to admit it was a trade, as we both have stores at Etsy. The knitting lady (I've forgotten the title!) that's soon to wing its way to me is not one of her favorites, yet I think it's such an interesting painting - mixed media, a little piece of real knitting and tiny needles are incorporated. I think Esther is more serious about her subjects as a rule, and sees this piece as an untypical bit of whimsy. Well, you know me and whimsy. Gotta have it! Enjoy.

Cold and miserably grey here today, with occasional rain to make it even worse. Home is such a lovely place to be on days like this. I never forget for a moment what it was like getting ready to charge out the door and join the masses on the subway. My daughter does it every day in Toronto, and I think about her most mornings, particularly in the winter. We so wish we could shield our children from some of the things that most bothered us, but we can't, of course. Perhaps it will at least remind her of my old philosophy that we must stop Working for the Man as soon as it's reasonably practical. Calling our own shots makes such a difference to the way we face each day. Living on less is a positive luxury, compared with making lots of money and never feeling you have time for yourself. Perhaps this new economy will teach more people how to truly simplify their lives, once and for all.


Heather Wardell said...

That's very neat that there's actually knitting incorporated into that piece. Things like that are fascinating!

luthien said...

hello fran :) thanks for putting me in your favs :) i came here yesterday and looked at your wonderful work. they are so vibrant and whimsical! i especially love the one where the mom ties a ribbon for the daughter. i dunno why but i guess it's the combination of the room you chose as backdrop, the gesture and the expressions on their faces... warms my heart :) happy thanksgiving :)

Fran Caldwell said...

Thanks for the compliment, Luthien. I regret that "Tying Up Her Hair" is the work of Esther McIsaac. I wish I painted as well!

luthien said...

oh dear i must apologise for that! i must have missed that out! but anyhow, they are all wonderfully vibrant and colorful. i still love the energy you have here in your blog :) sorry again for the mistake :p

Fran Caldwell said...

No apologies needed here. You were simply overwhelmed by the color and liveliness of the blog. It quite threw you off. Perfectly understandable, and flattering in itself.