Friday, November 21, 2008

A Little Stress Today

I found myself stressed today. How silly is that? I have no reason to feel stress. I long ago gave up working 9 to 5, can get up and work in my pjs if I want - and sometimes do - and generally do what I feel like doing. My early morning involves checking my emails, blogs, sites, etc. That should be fun. I discovered today that I was irritable, antagonistic (cursing at some of the blogs), hurt, fretful, and generally feeling unappreciated - things I recall happening at the office - not all the time, you understand. Most of the time, things were fine. But there were those days.. This morning was like that for me.

The whole point of being seen on the internet is to encourage people to buy my art. Really. That's the point. I'm not here as a social site, not just doing it for the fun of it. I do it because I want to sell my paintings. By being part of all the groups I've joined, I figure my name would eventually pop up in front of someone who was really looking, wanting to buy that one special painting. So sitting here this morning, neck and back stiffening with every key stroke, I realized I should just let it go. I'm out there. Folks ARE looking, and I can't do much more, really.

As an aside, composing this blog, I discovered I could pursue my thoughts on writing, and that's good, although I still intend to get that other blog I mentioned yesterday. I would like to keep the two passions separate. Anyway, the blog is very enjoyable. It has the added advantage of keeping me in touch with people who aren't the slightest bit interested in my latest painting. If I don't hear from my friend in Oz (who shall remain nameless) for a day or two, I have the comfort of knowing she's probably seen my blog that morning, and that's a comfort. Not all my friends like to email. Lazy lot, most of them. Not everyone enjoys typing away to the extent that I do. I understand, I think.

So tomorrow, when I sit down to check all those little internet places, I will do it in a relaxed and complacent manner. Stress is for the WORK place. I have no WORK place. I have a DO-WHAT-I-WANT-WHEN-I-FEEL-LIKE-IT place. (Except when there is a commission.) At Home. In my pjs.

Hillary is to be Secretary of State. How cool is that? I have wanted it for her ever since she lost the nomination. In a way, it's better for her. All presidents age rapidly in office, did you notice? The Secretary of State seems to fare better; Madeleine didn't change at all. Hillary will only have the security of the nation on her shoulders; Barack will have the security, the health, the wealth, and the on-going happiness-pursuit of the nation on his.

I had nothing much to offer in the way of paintings - I haven't yet heard back from my client in California, so no work-in-progress today. I've taken the rather odd tack of including some paintings by a young Australian, named Dusan. I've been following him for some years. As far as I know, he sells mainly on eBay Australia ( listed under self-representing artists. He is just so talented. Relatively unknown here in North America, his prices are affordable. I would like to start my own collection before he becomes famous. It may seem odd, this being MY art site, that I would want to do this. But when talent as good as this comes along, I feel it's my duty to pass it on. I may well think that my little offerings are very collectible, unique, and all that. His art will become much sought after, as they say in the galleries. Anyway, I'd like to help him with more international buyers. Comments please.

On the Coast, oil on canvas

Red Boat, oil on canvas

Perfect Wave, oil on canvas

City Street, oil on canvas

You can imagine how great his paintings are in large format!

That's it for me today. Saturday tomorrow, and the NHL. I am a crazy Maple Leafs fan

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  1. I like your work - such charming subjects and the oils are so free