Monday, November 17, 2008

New Web Page

Okay, okay, I've been fiddling with the computer all weekend. I needed a new website, as the old is about to start charging big time, and I don't have THAT many sales to warrant it.

So it's up, it's mine forever, and I can't stop tweaking it!

Look, you old hands out there, I see you smiling with some superiority. This whole web process thing has been happening JUST for one week. I am totally new to it. It's no small achievement.

I had my first sale on Etsy last night, since I rejoined them. Odd, but the details of the sale appears nowhere. Waiting for techsupport to get back to me, but nothing yet.

I have to do household things now. There are little tufts of Jeevesie's fur everywhere. I think he pulls bits out when I've been ignoring him. Baby just curls up and goes to sleep.

Jeeves was a stray from the garden last year. Took a while to convince him I was a friend, and, in the end, just before the first blizzard last year, I got him into the house. I had made a little bed outside for him - lawn chair, blankets, and a chair vinyl cover, split up the middle as an entrance. I used to peer out at him every night, worrying about how cold he was getting. Finally, I just grabbed him and brought him in. Pictures of Jeeves, the Magnificent, attached. Also Baby, who would feel left out.

It's been a year now, and Jeeves is still terrified of strangers. It's a good hour before he creeps out for people who are here regularly! His favorite sleeping spot (which is also a good hiding spot, he thinks, like an ostrich) is under the blanket on the bed in the spare room. Picture of his lump attached.

So, today's cat page appears to have nothing to do with art. However, it has everything to do with what makes me tick, from whence the art springs forth.

I couldn't write about art today. I am feeling just too guilty for not getting down to it.


  1. great pics of the cats! do you paint them too?

  2. Wendy, how nice to hear from you. I usually paint rather folksy cats. If you checked my webpage you might see Baby here and there. I did one classic painting of my friend's cat, Oscar. I'll put it up for you so you can see it. I think it looks like the real thing. Are you asking just out of interest, or because you need a picture of a cat? Oh, hope you'll click "follow this blog". I need all the help I can get!