Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Writing Blog Page

This will be tricky. I have just set up my new blog page for my writing notes, work-in-progress, helpful links, etc. I just hope I don't get the art page muddled up with the writing page. I need to keep them separate, just as the work is very separate. One must be done with the canvas in front of you, paints and brushes at hand. The other can be done while I'm walking, or eating, washing up, whatever, because the characters and their dialogues, their days, are inside my head. I eventually have to sit down and let them out, but that's speed typing usually, not painstaking little brushstrokes. In any case, I have started the page, so this will probably be my last reference of any length to my need to write. Once it's up and running, I'll put the link up, in case you want to see both of them.

I've decided to put some of Squeakie's paintings in here today. He's well-represented at galleries down south, but I haven't been to one of those to see his pictures. Anyway, I stole these from one of his websites. The absolute nerve of me! I just wanted you to see the old-time, real folk art that he produces. (This is for those of you who did not bother clicking the link I had carefully put up for him.) I call my work folk art, for want of a better description, but our styles aren't even similar. You can see immediately where he's coming from. It's real countryside, real working folk, real animals that are there to earn their keep, not to decorate a tea tray. For a man who only took this painting-business up fairly recently, he's doing very well. See what you think.

Did a tiny bit of restoration work today, on a little Victorian painting on wood, a very chubby baby boy cuddling a puppy. I gently removed the grime, and touched up a couple of half-inch stripes that had occurred when something had been spilt on the painting, and suddenly the whole thing came alive. It's still old, but hugely cleaned-up.

That's it for today. The cats are becoming very nervous. Must be feeding time.

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