Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembrance Day

Well, it's Tuesday, November 11, lest we forget. Got me thinking about my own father who served in the British Army in World II. He never spoke of the war. I've heard that's true of most veterans of all wars. I am completely anti-war, but never against the service people who fight in them. We are the pawns of our governments. We try to be good citizens, and do as we are told. Most of the time. It is ironic that anti-war demonstrators, pacificists, those mostly young (perhaps a bit too scruffy?) people, were held up as ill-advised, too left-wing. Then - in time - it occurred to us that they were right. Are still right. I could never have said this to my father, but things were different then. His generation and class didn't question. I hope that we question everything today. I hope we are getting smarter.

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