Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Clever Etsy Girls

Sunday Rose. Isn't that just the loveliest name? She is an amazing artist at Etsy. I'll leave you to check out her link in Great Sites to Visit in the sidebar, but I have put a few of her samplings here because they are delicious to look at. These original pieces of art in the form of cards, bejewelled and sparkling, with earrings or other tokens attached, would make the most unique holiday gifts, not too overwhelming, but thoughtful, memorable little keepsakes. Even without the jewellery, they are pretty.

On a totally different note, I was so impressed by this shawl, the one article for sale in Judy's Fine Knitting shop at Etsy, that I had to show it to you. Those of you who knit know how long this must have taken to complete, and the concentration required - no one-row-plain, one-row-purl in this heirloom-quality piece. I admire her patience, and also am dumbfounded by the price. What do you think? I've put her link in Great Sites to Visit, because she deserves it.

Talk to you tomorrow.


  1. That shawl should have another zero at the end of its price. With all the time she put in? Amazing!

  2. Absolutely agree, which is one of the reasons I listed this. YOU know how much work is in this being a knitter, or sorts. After the holidays, perhaps she'll wise up.