Monday, December 8, 2008

Gwen Meyerson

Today I am devoting most of this blog to Gwen Meyerson Gavios, an artist in New York. I found her on eBay some time back and just adore her paintings. Brings me back to what I was saying about the freedom of oils. She obviously revels in it. I am in awe of her. To reach her items at eBay, just click the link under Great Sites to Visit.

The feeling of movement in her paintings is amazing. I can almost hear the traffic noise as the girl crosses the road in that last image. I'm proud to show her here, especially if you haven't seen her work before this.

For little old folk painter me, I've have nothing new to show you today. I've been sketching a bit in readiness for my next picture, but the other blog (you know the one), is taking up more and more of my time. Copyrighted the book today. Just sort of threw that in, although I said I wouldn't bother you with writing stuff on here, but couldn't resist it.

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