Thursday, December 4, 2008

Messing Around On The Web

I wonder how many of you experience the amount of difficulty and frustration I have when I'm trying to do things on the web. I'm talking about things that a few years ago would have given you the credentials of IT Specialist if you could do them.

In my effort to promote my art, I look at all the possible widgets out there than can bring it to the public eye. Playing around with Google Webmaster today - well, it was absolutely impossible to follow! "Cut and paste the Meta Tag into your web, and then.." etc., etc., "..or, if you prefer, upload an HTML file, and link it to.. and then..", etc.,etc.

I have a headache now. These sites do not take into account that some of us are still learning everything. The help button is just as technical as the instruction page. I give up. Will come back to it when I am more determined. Not feeling determined today.

Catherine Holman, who does wonderful snow scenes, really traditional, old Christmassy scenes, in rich, vibrant colors, is offering a freebee at her site, a sweet little original painting. You'll see it, but you must comment before the 7th if you'd like the opportunity to win it. Her link is as follows

I found a nice Etsy group today - hope they accept me for membership. It's for artists who are vegan/vegetarian. Well, of course, I am. It would be pleasant to chat and get feedback from like minds. Not eating meat is a big deal with me, but I don't get to talk about it much, as most of my friends are most definitely meateaters, and I rarely preach. My daughter in Australia has no friends unless they are vegan. She barely tolerates the fact that I still eat cheese. Shame on me! It makes for few social events, e.g. barbecues, Christmas dinners, and such, because I can't stand the smell of the meat. Anyway, if someone out there is interested, I have put the Etsy group link in the sidebar under Great Sites To Visit.

Only one picture today, because it's late and the felines are getting ferocious.

D'agular is an artist selling on eBay Australia ( and does these colorful, uncluttered paintings, that make you feel warm on the coldest day. Hope you can find him.


  1. Fran, Thanks for mentioning my blog giveaway!
    Merry Christmas,

  2. we all face the same problem with the internet :) i only just learn how to use it 3 years ago... but it has really fascinated me... all the possibilities and the amount of people internet can reach. but you are right... google's instructions does get on my nerves... when that happens, i just google the question on the net... there's bound to be simpler to understand instructions somewhere else.

    there's this site call blogger tips and tricks... it's really good... everything you can think of is there. honestly... this guy peter chen ... he's a genius. perhaps you can find help in his posts. here's the link :)

  3. Thanks for that link, Luthien. Less than a month ago, I had never done anything like this. I had set up my art website, but that was more or less easy, because the site was designed for dummies like me. But I have learned so much doing these blogs. Talk about a crash course!

  4. Catherine,

    I am so impressed with your site - hope this page brought in a view more followers.

  5. The new painting is great. It makes me want warm weather again. I know what you mean about messing around on the computer. It took me forever to figure out how to get Catherine Holman's cupcake picture onto my blog for the give away. And now I'm not completely sure how I did it. One surprize was that you can click on the image and it sends you right to her blog.

  6. Gosh, Vicki, I didn't go to that much trouble for poor Catherine. Hope she doesn't eliminate me from her draw!