Friday, December 19, 2008

No Other Artists Today

That title sounds like this site is closed - a restaurant out of food, a pub with no beer - doesn't it? It's just that I haven't had any time to spare today for researching all the wonderful art that's out there. I certainly will never run out of them, so that could never be an excuse.

It's only my novel that's taking up so much of my time. I said I wouldn't talk about it here, but perhaps you've wondered why none of my own art is ever on this blog these days. Well, I'm not painting! I don't think I will be painting until February. That's how long I think it will be before Hafan Deg (my novel) is completed. I'm just past the halfway mark for the revisions. Sometimes it moves rapidly, sometimes I get bogged down with awkward structuring, the usual things.

In the meantime, I'll go on showing you what a wealth of talent there is out there in the fascinating world of online art.

Just not today.

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