Friday, December 5, 2008

Online Galleries

I belong to a couple of online galleries, and which are wonderful sites with the most talented, amazing artists you will find anywhere.(Their links are in the sidebar.) I draw your attention to them because it's stimulating to see what others are doing. They are a friendly bunch as well, and spare no effort in making friends, and following you.

The truth is, with my lopsided sort of art - offbeat, alternative, outsider - call it what you will, I do sometimes feel like an intruder on these sites. Some of the work is so stunning, and I acknowledge that I'm probably just a teensy bit out of place there. But those fine artists - and some of them are very fine artists - encourage you, regardless of your training or style or subject. I guess, in the end, art is art, however it presents itself. Not everyone cares for abstracts, or landscapes, or surrealism (or folk art!). Perhaps they don't speak to us personally, but most of the time we appreciate the creative energy and individualism that went into each and every piece we see, and are grateful that we are all so different. Otherwise, why bother?

Go check them out. Join them if you're feeling adventurous. It can't hurt to be seen there, really.

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